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About Complete Pool Controls Ltd

About Us


Complete Pool Controls Ltd is a leading independent company supplying recreational water treatment chemicals and dosing equipment for swimming pool & hot tub users via our comprehensive dealer network throughout the UK.

Our brands of Blue Horizons & Gold Horizons for pools, AquaSPArkle & Gold Horizons SPA for hot tubs and Blue Horizons Commercial for commercial pool operators offer both regular and special treatments for swimming pools and hot tubs.

A comprehensive range of chemicals, testing apparatus and reagents are stocked alongside dosing equipment and spares, this enables swift nationwide service. Complete Pool Controls Ltd offers its dealers in-depth marketing and technical support making our products a natural choice for UK pool and hot tub outlets and owners, as well as commercial operators nationwide.

Other key international brands include Kleen Pool Algicide, Aquablanc (Active Oxygen non-chlorine system), Pool ID (Test kits and reagents) and Descon (Dosing & control equipment).

Company Profile

Established in March 2007 Complete Pool Controls Ltd brings an attractive and forward-looking solutions-led range to its nationwide clients, backed by sound experience and technical support. We are proud of our flexibility and total dedication to our customers. These include leading commercial outlets and swimming pool and hot tub users purchasing via professional pool and spa shops.

A comprehensive range of chemicals, testing apparatus and reagents are stocked alongside dosing equipment and spares, enabling swift nationwide service based from our facilities in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.


ISO9001 Quality Management -  BSI Logo

Complete Pool Controls Ltd gained ISO9001 accreditation in January 2013 following an external audit from the BSI group. The standard verified our processes and constantly looks for improvement in all areas of the business.

Capacity and Storage - 

At our headquarters in Gloucestershire, we operate from premises with over 30,000 square foot of storage capacity. Adequate stocks of the raw and finished product are kept on site at all times ensuring delivery timescales are maintained.

Staff -

36 staff are based at our Cheltenham facility. We have 4 field staff.

Product Training -

Best practice and product use information is freely available for dealers and commercial operators. Training includes BISHTA certification, general product use training certification and links with leading commercial trainers including P.P.O courses.

Consumer and Dealer Website -

Bringing the latest product and user information to consumers and dealers (via a dealer log-in).

Export -

Multi-language labelling for key export customers in Scandinavia/Eire and Benelux territories.

Contract Packing - 

For leading water treatment suppliers requiring bespoke and self-labelled products.

Key Chemical Brands - 

Blue Horizons & Gold Horizons for Pools, AquaSPArkle & Gold Horizons SPA for Hot Tubs and Blue Horizons Commercial for commercial Pool operators offer both regular and special treatments for Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs.

Other Chemical Brands - 

Aquablanc (non-chlorine systems), Aquasachet and Aromascent.

International Partners - 

Chemoform, Tripoylmer International, HaloSource, Palintest, Lovibond, Pool-id, WDT, Descon and Brandpak.

Environmental Policy

Meet the team

Alyson Page

Name: Alyson Page

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Dislikes: Sport, liquorish and women drivers!

Andy Page

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Title: Technical Director

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Name: Colin Beechey

Title: Warehouse Manager

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Title: Team Leader

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Name: Jeremy Doster

Title: Accounts Assistant Apprentice

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John Key

Name: John Key

Title: Sales Manager

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Name: Keith Pescott

Title: North Sales Manager

Likes: Walking in the hills of Derbyshire, no phone, no car, ah bliss.

Dislikes: Getting lost in the hills of Derbyshire, no phone, no car, horror!

Lee Woods

Name: Lee Woods

Title: Commercial Sales Manager

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Dislikes: Pointless emails, X-Factor and bad manners

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Name: Linda Brueford

Title: Business Support Manager

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Dislikes: Being cold

Lisa Gardiner

Name: Lisa Gardiner

Title: Customer Service Coordinator

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Name: Lorna White

Title: Customer Service Coordinator

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Dislikes: Hot days, bad manners, moths, butterflies and spiders!

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Name: Lucy Halford

Title: Customer Service Coordinator

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Dislikes: Hangovers, dark chocolate & raisins. 

Mark Ramsden

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Title: Commercial Director

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Dislikes: Traffic cones, lounging around on holiday, gooseberries (the fruit) and rudeness, including not turning up for appointments!!!

Tracy Ogden

Name: Tracey Ogden

Title: Purchasing Manager

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Dislikes: Being told what to do!!

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Name: Martin Rigby

Title: South East Sales Manager

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Dislikes: Rain and traffic jams.

Rob Hunt

Name: Rob Hunt

Title: Operations Assistant

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Dislikes: Handbag dogs and the price of beer.

Scott Clarke

Name: Scott Clarke

Title: Team Leader

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Dislikes: Piccalilli and slow drivers.