CPC boosting local links with Dean Close School in Cheltenham

CPC are very proud to have today presented Bradley Salisbury (Headmaster of Dean Close Senior School) with a signed picture of Jack Laugher as appreciation for hosting the photo shoot prior to Jack leaving for the fantastically successful Rio Olympics, where he won Gold and Silver Medals.

Dean Close School is a co-educational day and boarding school which provides continuity of education from age 2+ to 18. The School was established in 1886 and is set in 50 acres of parkland in the center of Cheltenham.

Scott Barnett (CPC) Presenting to Dean Close School

Pictured is Scott Barnett (CPC), Bradley Salisbury (Headmaster Dean Close School) and Bella who is a current Dean Close pupil/swimmer.


Blue Horizons – Guide to Winterising


At the end of the outdoor swimming season, some simple procedures can ensure pool equipment protection is maximised and that water stays in reasonable condition; making it easier to open next spring.

If you are confident and have the desire, then winterising your own pool is an option, otherwise your Blue Horizons pool dealer will usually offer a full winterising service.

Click here for more information on winterising your swimming pool.

Media Day with Jack Laugher – Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist

Media Day with Jack Laugher

CPC recently had the honourable task of welcoming Jack Laugher back home after his fantastic achievement of winning Gold and Silver Medals at the Rio Olympics.


Click the below link to experience the day and view images from this great occasion for CPC and Jack Laugher…


Team GB Diving Star Sets the Record Straight with CPC



At our recent photoshoot with GB Diver Jack Laugher, Scott took time out to catch up with Jack and asked some probing questions regarding Jack’s up and coming competitions and in-depth experience of being a top sportsman in the aquatic field.

Please use this link to read our interview with Jack http://www.cpc-chemicals.co.uk/cpc_interview_jack_laugher

CPC are Kleening Up!

CPC are proud to launch our Blue Horizon Commercial, Extra Kleen range.


If your requirement is to clean any of the following…

- Swimming pool areas and hot tub surfaces
- Toilet areas
- Gym floors including matting and gym equipment
- Showers, washrooms and changing rooms

…you should seriously consider Extra Kleen, for the best results and with the added benefits of killing bacteria including legionella and having minimal pH impact on your swimming pool or hot tub.

Click http://www.cpc-chemicals.co.uk/extra_kleen for more information upon the full range and register your interest.

Gold Horizon Spa Biofilm Destroyer

Spa Biofilm Destroyer is an extremely effective biofilm remover, supplied in tablet form. Apply one 20g tablet per 500 – 1,999 litres of spa water (domestic spas) prior to draining

Each service pack contains 10 x 20 tablets

Contact CPC to place your order today – 01242 662700

For more product range information, visit our website http://www.goldhorizons.co.ukGH. Spa Biofilm Destroyer - WithStarburst_500px

Jack Laugher - Getty Images

Silver Medal for Champion Diver Jack Laugher

We are delighted to sponsor champion diver Jack Laugher.  Jack participates in many events around the world and this month he is diving in the London 2016 European Aquatics Championships.

LEN European Aquatics Championships reported that Jack gave ‘…a commanding performance in the 3m Springboard Prelims…’

We are delighted that Jack went on to win a silver medal yesterday evening, well done, Jack!  All of us at CPC are proud of your achievements, keep up the good work :)

Please click HERE for the full article



Sponsorship Opportunity for a Loyal Client

CPC is delighted to be able to sponsor Paul Maguire of Southern Spas & Saunas. Paul will be racing in the BRSCC & the Mazda Championship.

Paul has written a blog post for us about how he got into racing…

It started off 13 years ago when I funded part of a season’s racing in the UK Clio Cup which is part of the Touring Car Package, I was a complete novice racing against some well-known drivers that had deep pockets or big sponsors to fund them. It seemed, as usual, that I had jumped in at the deep end so after a few months I knocked it on the head and took up golf!

Well as you know golf has its ups and downs and one of the big issues is finding the time to play, along with trying to get a dry day, so after a lot of thought and a twelve and a half year absence from motorsport I have decided to enter the BRSCC MX5 Championship (good old club level motorsport).

In October 2015 I rented an MX5 race car for the season’s final 3 rounds at Donington Park and out of 60 entrants, which was split into Race A and Race B groups due to volume, I found myself in Race A’s all weekend and finished 20th overall. I was pleased with this considering I have not raced rear wheel drive before. Some of the drivers were in their 2nd or 3rd season of racing!

In January this year I went out and purchased my own MX5 which has been overhauled and resprayed and is ready to race, there is a total of 8 race weekends 1 of which is in Belgium, I plan to do 7 rounds as 1 of the UK rounds is on the same weekend as my daughter’s birthday so the daddy in me says that she will come 1st and I will use that as my drop score rounds. Although I do not expect to win the championship I hope to be further to the front than the back and have chosen to have my car looked after by a team at the track rather than looking after it myself as this will give me the best chance of competing and finding out how competitive I can be.

AquaSPArkle logo

AquaSPArkle logo

Please click HERE if you would like to find out more information about the BRSCC & the Mazda Championship.

You will also see it on Motors TV throughout the season.

Good luck, Paul.  It’s a pleasure to help you.