Benefits of becoming a CPC Dealer

Do you want to become a CPC dealer? Here are some of the benefits of being a CPC dealer and what CPC can provide.

Benefits of becoming a CPC Dealer

As a major UK supplier, Complete Pool Contorls Ltd. aims to offer a valuable partnership to its dealers, focusing on:

  • High quality, attractively packaged and labelled products.
  • Distinct colour coded product ranges for both swimming pool owners (Blue Horizons) and hot tub users (AquaSPArkle & Gold Horizons). Consumer friendly dosing instructions, dosing tables and up-to-date health and safety guidance complete the package. The innovative ranges are some of the most comprehensive on the UK market.
  • Flexible and speedy nationwide service
  • Daily transportation to our dealers and commercial customers ensuring a flexible yet speedy service.
  • Systemised approach to product usage including the Blue Horizons BOAST system.
  • The complete dosing cycle that includes balancing, oxidising, algae treatment, sanitising and testing.
  • Integrated marketing campaign including an industry leading Point of Sale support package.
  • Showroom support including TAP (Total Analysis Programme) water analysis and open day support
  • State of the art photometric water testing with a direct link to water analysis software (TAP), providing a precise customer prescription for pool and hot tub users.

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If you would like to become a CPC Dealer, please contact our Customer Care Team on 01242 662700 or contact us via e-mail at