Chemical Brands

At Complete Pool Control we believe we provide the UK's most comprehensive range of high-quality water treatment products.

Blue Horizons - Swimming Pool Chemicals

To celebrate Blue Horizons being the UK’s most comprehensive range of high-quality water treatment products for the past ten years, we’re giving the range a new fresh look and feel to continue the great success of this brand and continue to make this the go-to range of swimming pool chemicals.

This Blue Horizons range will continue to use the popular BOAST system and also include a range of innovative speciality products. Rest assured that by using our simple system, you will have pool water to BOAST about throughout the swimming season.

AquaSPArkle – An innovative and easy to use range for hot tub users

Your spa will provide you with your own personal haven of relaxation and therapy, providing you with a refuge away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Our comprehensive AquaSPArkle range of water treatment products will keep your hot tub water healthy, clean and inviting to use.

Some of our industry-leading AquaSPArkle products are:

A selection of one-treatment sachets that provide the following:

  • Enhances bathing experience
  • Bather waste destroyer that also clarifies the hot tub water, helping to achieve sparkling clear spa water
  • Highly effective filter cleaning solution

Extensive range of customer-friendly kits

  • Chlorine & Bromine Starter Kits for the hot tub beginner
  • Premium Spa Care Kit

Gold Horizons - Premium Spa Chemicals

Complete Pool Controls are bringing some of the world leading chemical technologies to its Gold Horizons Premium Spa Chemical range, for hot tub users. The new Premium Spa Chemical range is designed to provide improved user performance, alongside greater user convenience, all wrapped up in highly attractive eye-catching packaging. Perhaps when it comes to chemical solutions for hot tub owners “all that glitters is indeed gold”!

Other Chemical Brands

Aquablanc (non-chlorine systems), Aquasachet and AromaScent.