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Jack Laugher - Tokyo 2021 Training from Home

Training for Tokyo 2021 During Coronavirus Lockdown

We recently caught-up with Jack Laugher, to see the effect that the Coronavirus lockdown situation has had on his training schedule.

Jack started explaining the effect that not having a pool to use has had on his training schedule, there are also some videos below to help you train like a Olympic Diving Champion!

Our pool, in Leeds, was closed back in March and we haven’t been able to return since. As a diver, about half of our training is in the water and the other half is on the dry land. We knew that we’d be in for a tough time with not being able to do any actual diving, but there are still
some ways that we’ve found to be able to remain active and also to keep the diving cogs turning.

We have been given a new set of training times which we do over internet conference calls with our various diving coaches. We do 2
sessions each day, apart from the weekends where we rest up for the following week. Our first session of the day is at 9am and our second is at 2pm. They each run for around 1 hour and each session is jam packed with stretching, conditioning, somersaulting and weightlifting.

We have 4 areas which we cover over our sessions with our 4 different coaches. We have our usual diving coach who sets us diving related exercises to keep us ticking over the basics.

Then we have our gymnastics coach who sets us conditioning exercises to keep us strong. We also do handstands, somersaults and various other gymnastic exercises to keep us moving and active, but also for a good bit of enjoyment too!

We then have our strength and conditioning coach who has tried to vary our training between circuit training and a more typical
weightlifting session. The circuit training sessions are my least favourite sessions of the week, but only because they’re extremely difficult! Some of the exercises that he’s set, have had me gasping for air and being feeling extremely worn out afterwards! We are lucky enough that we got to take some weightlifting bars and weight plates home with us so we could do some actual lifting at home too. The variation in sessions keeps it exciting and fresh!

Finally, we have our physiotherapist who prescribes us sessions based on our usual injuries that we have through the diving year. She sets exercises to aim to strengthen the little muscles all around our joints and injury prone areas with a view to make us stronger whilst we’re not doing our usual diving sessions. These ones are really important as staying injury
free is the top priority as a high-level athlete!

So far, the sessions have remained fun and varied. Although training at home is hard to stay motivated, I keep thinking about what competition there are to come. The Olympics has been moved until next year and even though this is the correct decision, I still felt a little saddened at the idea of it not happening this year like originally planned. This extra year gives me more time to get better and to improve on what I already know. To remain at the top of my sport next year would mean the world to me.

Thank you to everyone supporting me on my journey to Tokyo 2021!

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