Premium Spa Care Hot Tub Service Pack

Designed to complement our most popular starter kit (Complete Spa Water Care Kit). The service pack provides the opportunity to introduce your customers to a selection of added value products in one easy pack.Use in conjunction with your water sanitiser to keep your spa water in the best possible condition for maximum bather comfort and crystal-clear water.





Ezy Float

Ezy Float is a solution for many hot tub and pop up pool users who call the CPC technical support team. A disposable prefilled
floater that delivers an easy and safe way of treating your water. We have taken 4 x 20g chlorine tablets and packed them in a
disposable floater which is individually wrapped so your customers just peel off and place in the hot tub water.

Pop up pools

Inflatable spas

Holiday dosing


Gold Horizons - Spa Commissioning Kit

The HSG 282 published in January 2017 states:-

Commissioning should include: water disinfection to reduce microbial growth, typically with 50 mg/l chlorine for at least one

hour, with the pH kept as near to 7.0 as possible during this period;

The commission kit provides users with an ideal solution to achieve the recommended levels in a timely manner then subsequently reduce the chlorine mg/l down to a comfortable bather level quickly and easily. A combination of Rapid Shock (fast dissolving non-stablished chlorine) with a pre-measured dose of liquid de-chlorinator.

Achieve HSG 282 recommendations

Minimise turnaround time

Minimise high-level chlorine exposure

Deliver safe water

Ultimate Phos Granules

This brand new addition to the Aqua Sachet range provides an easy-to-dose, highly concentrated phosphate remover in granular form. Suitable for use with all filters, the rapid dissolving granules can be applied directly to the pool, no pre-dissolving required.

Fewer algae problems

Less cleaning & vacuuming

Reduces pool maintenance

Spa Clarity Cubes

This new product to our AquaSPArkle range is ideal for restoring water clarity & sparkle to your hot tub and swim spa.

Rapid dissolving spa gel cube

Clears spa water fast

Economical - One month’s treatment per pack

inSPAration Liquids and Crystals

For many years CPC has looked for a partner to complement the market leading range of water treatment products to further develop their commitment to enhancing the hot tub experience.

We are proud to join forces with inSPAration as their appointed direct UK partner.

InSPAration is a true “family owned and operated” manufacturer and have been in the business since 19100. All the proprietary blends are developed in Southern California and the company pride themselves in offering the best quality products and service. Their vision sits alongside CPC’s to offer the ultimate Pool / Spa experience to the end user.

All products are tested by Dupont and Aristech Chemical to ensure they are completely water soluble and harmless to any pool, hot tub or bath. The blends have been tested to be safe on filters, acrylic, equipment and water quality.

InSPAration was the first aromatherapy company to hit the market for the pool, spa and hydrotherapy world.