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Complete Solution

Complete Pool Controls goal is to offer all of our partners a complete solution for treating, dosing and testing water.


"Quality products, recognised brands and fully supported with professional marketing"

Barnsley Hot Tubs

Marketing Support

Introduction to CPC's Marketing Support

Complete Pool Controls Ltd has an evolving marketing support programme which is designed to make Blue Horizons, AquaSPArkle and Gold Horizons the best-supported chemical brands in the UK.

Our three key goals are to:

        • Optimise consumer product awareness

        • Provide extensive support to your marketing programmes

        • Maximise point of sale impact Blue Horizons, AquaSPArkle and Gold Horizons Marketing Support

        Our comprehensive Marketing Support Guide covers four main categories of support.

        1. Outdoor Displays

        • Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Hard Wearing Vinyl Banners
        • Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Teardrop Flags
        • Blue Horizons/ AquaSPArkle Pavement Signs

        2. Retail Showroom support (point of sale)

        • Blue Horizons Merchandising Stands
        • Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Carrier Bags
        • Range of Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Display Trays to house our products

        3. Consumer Product Support

        • A2 Showroom Advertising Frames complete with Seasonal Product Posters
        • A4 Blue Horizons Swimming Pool Maintenance Chart
        • Blue Horizons Pool Guide/AquaSPArkle Spa Guide (in-depth guides on how our products provide the best swimming/spa experience)
        • Many individual product leaflets that outline the benefits os using our products

        4. Dealer Marketing Support

        • Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Window Stickers
        • Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Open/Closed Showroom Signs
        • Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Plastic Wine Glasses, Water Proof Playing Cards and Branded Super Soft Towels

        5. Blue Horizons & AquaSPArkle Product Training

        • CPC can supply in-depth training on our products and the best way to use them for the swimmers/spa bathers benefit and comfort. This can be at your showroom/shop or at out headquarters in Cheltenham. Our one-day training session will give you full knowledge on both our Blue Horizons and AquaSPArkle products.

        Marketing Support Leaflets

        The above is a selection of items available to our valued dealers, if you would like to download our Marketing Support leaflet where all the items are presented then please click the following links:

        Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Marketing Guide

        Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Marketing Guide - Order Form

        Gold Horizons Marketing Guide