Marketing Support

Introduction to CPC's Marketing Support

Complete Pool Controls Ltd has an evolving marketing support programme which is designed to make Blue Horizons, AquaSPArkle and Gold Horizons the best-supported chemical brands in the UK.

Our three key goals are to:

        • Optimise consumer product awareness

        • Provide extensive support to your marketing programmes

        • Maximise point of sale impact Blue Horizons, AquaSPArkle and Gold Horizons Marketing Support

        Our comprehensive Marketing Support Guide covers four main categories of support.

        1. Outdoor Displays

        • Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Hard Wearing Vinyl Banners
        • Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Teardrop Flags
        • Blue Horizons/ AquaSPArkle Pavement Signs

        2. Retail Showroom support (point of sale)

        • Blue Horizons Merchandising Stands
        • Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Carrier Bags
        • Range of Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Display Trays to house our products

        3. Consumer Product Support

        • A2 Showroom Advertising Frames complete with Seasonal Product Posters
        • A4 Blue Horizons Swimming Pool Maintenance Chart
        • Blue Horizons Pool Guide/AquaSPArkle Spa Guide (in-depth guides on how our products provide the best swimming/spa experience)
        • Many individual product leaflets that outline the benefits os using our products

        4. Dealer Marketing Support

        • Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Window Stickers
        • Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Open/Closed Showroom Signs
        • Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Plastic Wine Glasses, Water Proof Playing Cards and Branded Super Soft Towels

        5. Blue Horizons & AquaSPArkle Product Training

        • CPC can supply in-depth training on our products and the best way to use them for the swimmers/spa bathers benefit and comfort. This can be at your showroom/shop or at out headquarters in Cheltenham. Our one-day training session will give you full knowledge on both our Blue Horizons and AquaSPArkle products.

        Marketing Support Leaflets

        The above is a selection of items available to our valued dealers, if you would like to download our Marketing Support leaflet where all the items are presented then please click the following links:

        Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Marketing Guide

        Blue Horizons/AquaSPArkle Marketing Guide - Order Form

        Gold Horizons Marketing Guide