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Introducing Palintest’s Brand New Lumiso Photometers

Introducing Palintest’s brand new Lumiso Photometers. Lightweight and handheld, the new Lumiso Photometers are designed for complete portability to perform testing, anywhere. The new digital photometer is built on the same reliable Palintest technology, but now with new and improved features. 

The key features of the new Lumiso range are as follows:

  • Connectivity – USB & QR technology
  • Data Management – storage of up to 50 results, and 12 location IDs
  • Language free – the use of international language and symbols
  • Increased Chlorine Range – all Lumiso’s now come with both standard chlorine (0-5) and extended chlorine (0-10) ranges.
  • Waterproof and humidity proof – IP67 rating and has been tested to ensure it continues to function in high humidity climates
  • New kit – redesigned kit with waterproof reagent box, and dedicated slots for check standards

Lumiso uses the most advanced photometric technology to deliver quick and accurate results for effective pool and spa management. Lumiso simplifies pool and spa testing, using language-free visual instructions on the screen to guide the user through the test. The simple two button operation means users can access tests quickly and easily.

Lumiso Pooltest 3 is ideal for monitoring of outdoor pools, covering the three main tests chlorine, pH, and cyanuric acid.

Lumiso Pooltest 4 is ideal for testing spas and indoor pools, inclusive of tests for alkalinity, bromine, chlorine, and pH.

Lumiso Pooltest 6 provides simple and effective pool testing for service engineers and pool managers. Inclusive of all the tests required for a water balance calculation: alkalinity, bromine, calcium hardness, chlorine, cyanuric acid, and pH.

For more information about the new Lumiso Photometers and for information on how to order yourself one, please contact your Area Manager or contact our Sales team at:

Telephone: 01242 662700


It’s all about the nitrogen. The flashes of lightning, apart from lighting up a night sky, create nitrogen in the atmosphere and the rain washes that nitrogen down and into your pool. Nitrogen is a plant food, and a very good one at that. There are always traces of algae in even the best maintained pools, so the algae will thrive on the extra nitrogen that is washed down when the heavens open. Algae are microscopic and so, when there are just a few of them, they are invisible to the human eye but feeding on the nitrogen, they bloom and multiply very quickly until there are enough to turn the pool water green and murky. So that’s why it happens, but of course you don’t want it to happen. So, what can you do about algae? One way of avoiding a thunderstorm turning your pool green is to test the chlorine levels in your pool and shock the pool with chlorine as soon as possible after the storm.

            You may wish to keep an eye on the BBC Weather page during the day……http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather

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