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Spring Commission

Commissioning An Outdoor Pool in Spring

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to start opening outdoor pools; here are a few hints and tips to help you.  If you have any questions about your pool then please leave a comment below and we will be happy to help.

Mr Sun Spring

Mr Sun Fun ~ Spring 

  1. Ensure that the pool water level is close to the top of the pool to give sufficient water to be able to vacuum to waste.
  2. Clean and remove winter debris cover and if possible allow to dry before folding up and packing away for the summer – if the cover has sustained any damage during the winter now is a good time to get it repaired so it is ready for the autumn.
  3. Re-commission plantroom equipment.
  4. With the multiport valve in the waste position vacuum the pool floor to remove any debris that has settled during the winter – keep an eye on the water level in the pool as it will drop while you are vacuuming.
  5. After vacuuming give the filter a good backwash and rinse, then set it in the filtration position and keep the filter pump running.
  6. Brush pool walls thoroughly to get anything ‘clinging’ to the walls into suspension so the filter can start to remove any debris.
  7. Test the pool water paying particular attention to pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness – if there has been a lot of rain during the autumn it is likely that all the levels could be below the ideal ranges.  Dose the pool with any products required to correct the levels.
  8. Shock dose the pool with chlorine to satisfy any chlorine demand and establish a chlorine level.
  9. Apply an algaecide, either a long-life or regularly dosed version.
  10. If the chlorine level is not too high then fit the solar cover and give it a good brushing if required to clean it.
  11. Keep the filtration system operating continuously for a few days or until the pool water is clear and clean.  After a couple of days check the sanitiser, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness levels are where they should be after the initial chemical treatments, adjust as required to achieve the ideal levels.

Dealers: We have a spring showroom poster available that displays the typical products required to open a pool.  Please ask for one on your next order.

A2 silver snap frames are also available.

Spring Poster for Showroom
Spring Poster for Showroom

Mini Fragrances

All’s Smell That Ends Smell

Launching a New Fragrance Range – by Mark Ramsden.

Launching new products may seem easy but behind the scenes there is a lot to think about – let’s talk you through our new Gold Horizons liquid fragrance range.


  • Brainstorming – it’s one thing to recognise product gaps and market needs but quite another to find a saleable proposition.  It starts with a good brainstorming session.


  • Customer Feedback and Sampling – Field sales reports, range gap analysis, customer requests all need to be assorted to confirm product gaps established above.  Some interested customers are then asked more specifically if interest would lead to purchase, under the right conditions of course.


  • Finding The Right Supplier – We passionately buy British where we are able but sometimes this is impossible.  With the spa liquid fragrance, we heard that there was a perfumery in Gloucestershire that specialised in both old-fashioned smells as well as modern smells – well certainly British for sure.


  • Specification Considerations – Fragrances need to linger in the water and be compatible and non-reactive to halogens that they would need to co-exist with.


  • Getting Timings Right – This usually coincides with price books, marketing programmes and launch platforms – for CPC this usually is for the forthcoming season.


  • Quality Testing the Final Product – involved first smelling all the fragrances and matching to the descriptions of the smells (John Key and Tracey Ogden were the Senior Smellers!).  After this, the product was then tested in local hot tubs.


  • Presenting New Products Before Launch – Sometimes this requires ‘cheating’ with dummy containers mocked up for exhibitions.  In the case of our new liquid fragrances this involved colouring water with pastel paint to show the colour difference.  At SPATEX, two customers smelt the coloured water and remarked how nice they smelled – water with pastel shades!!


Two bottles of water

Two bottles of water with a touch of paint from a child’s pastel paint set. Something that we mocked up for show at SPATEX.

  • Launch – Set the launch date and work hard to achieve it to avoid customer disappointment.