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Office Move!


It might seem that moving from a “sardine tin” Portakabin to modern offices to most is a no brainer, but after 7 years of no windows and smart over the shoulder (literally) communication, the new move to modern facilllities is still a wrench.

unit 2 outside of office







It’s always hard and challenging to radically change, but in our era of technology enhancements, our new facilities include upgraded computers, a modern telephone system and serious personal luxuries like space and windows to the world outside. Even the most die-hard “cling-on” merchants, including myself no doubt, can’t argue with the need to progress and provide worthy facilities.

Goodbye windowless, claustrophobic and pretty dismal Portakabin, and hello to modernisation. Did I spot a dishwasher in the canteen !!!

Unit 4 moving in








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