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Due to new Explosives Precursors Government Legislation, from 2nd September 2014, when you supply an end user with Aquablanc Oxygen Liquid or Active Oxygen Shock Liquid you will need to see the end user’s licence and log the sale.

AB Oxygen Liquid with AlgAB Oxygen Liquid for Shock
















For more information please see the following downloads…

Five ways to make sure…

Guidance on licensed transactions…

Lines to take on regulation for customers

significant disappearance and theft reporting form

Suspicious transaction reporting template

UK You can make a difference poster

UK You can make a difference leaflet textSoSHRC_EUleaflet_FINALDRAFT1406252014-02-04_vfinal-PUBLIC_Guidelines_on_explosives_precursors

Jack Laugher – Champion Diver

Many thanks to Jack laugher for this week’s blog post. 

My blog – Jack Laugher


This year has been an amazing one for me. The best of my career so far! I have competed all around the world and come away with 10 senior international medals including Bronze at the World Cup in Shanghai and 2 GOLD medals from the Commonwealth Games as well! I’m not going to lie – I am absolutely delighted with how this year has panned out.


jack mid dive commonwealth











This year has been a tough one for me as going away a lot and travelling takes a massive toll on the mind and body. Such a long season in diving is very rare and for my first real full senior season, it’s been very taxing. I started my new partnership with my best friend Chris Mears this year and that has been really exciting for us to win medals at both the World Series and the Commonwealths. I have upped my training in the gym and have even moved out from home! This was the biggest step for me as now I am a professional, full time, fully responsible athlete and it is quite daunting having to fend for myself. I’m slowly getting used to having to cook for myself, tidy up and wash all my stuff, but it is still hard!


The Commonwealth Games really were special to me as it was very similar to having a home games. Only a 3-hour drive north of my home in Ripon, all my family could make it to support me. It was really nice having them there cheering me on instead of being behind a computer screen at 4am, like normal! The first day was my 1 meter event and I felt quite scared for this one as I don’t compete it much, but it was obviously my day as I came away with a massive PB of 449 points (previously 445) which would medal at any world event! The next day was my main board, the 3 meter. Things went well, but not as I had hoped with a dropped 5th dive, the 109c (forward 4 ½ somersaults tucked) left me in second place. Still a great place to finish but not the gold I had always wanted! This left a fire in my belly for the next day, which was the 3m Synchro event with Chris. We gave a really good performance and managed to be so close to our PB and we got the gold! It was fantastic to be able to stand on the podium next to my best friend and I’ll never forget that moment.

jack chris mid dive






The water itself in Edinburgh was quite cold. When water is cold it normally feels quite hard to the divers. All divers have their own opinion on what type of water feels best to dive in, but for me I like softer water. I feel like when you hit hard it can either be really good or really splashy. Whereas with warm soft water, you’re always warm and ready to go, and slice through the water really easily to get that perfect “rip” finish.


Lastly, I would like to say a massive thanks to CPC for their continued support of me. I know that without their support I wouldn’t have been able to achieve half the things I have this year. Bring on 2015!


UPDATE 26.09.14…Come and meet Jack tomorrow afternoon, Saturday 27th September 2014, between 1pm – 2.30pm at Cheltenham’s Sandford Lido