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Sponsorship Opportunity for a Loyal Client

CPC is delighted to be able to sponsor Paul Maguire of Southern Spas & Saunas. Paul will be racing in the BRSCC & the Mazda Championship.

Paul has written a blog post for us about how he got into racing…

It started off 13 years ago when I funded part of a season’s racing in the UK Clio Cup which is part of the Touring Car Package, I was a complete novice racing against some well-known drivers that had deep pockets or big sponsors to fund them. It seemed, as usual, that I had jumped in at the deep end so after a few months I knocked it on the head and took up golf!

Well as you know golf has its ups and downs and one of the big issues is finding the time to play, along with trying to get a dry day, so after a lot of thought and a twelve and a half year absence from motorsport I have decided to enter the BRSCC MX5 Championship (good old club level motorsport).

In October 2015 I rented an MX5 race car for the season’s final 3 rounds at Donington Park and out of 60 entrants, which was split into Race A and Race B groups due to volume, I found myself in Race A’s all weekend and finished 20th overall. I was pleased with this considering I have not raced rear wheel drive before. Some of the drivers were in their 2nd or 3rd season of racing!

In January this year I went out and purchased my own MX5 which has been overhauled and resprayed and is ready to race, there is a total of 8 race weekends 1 of which is in Belgium, I plan to do 7 rounds as 1 of the UK rounds is on the same weekend as my daughter’s birthday so the daddy in me says that she will come 1st and I will use that as my drop score rounds. Although I do not expect to win the championship I hope to be further to the front than the back and have chosen to have my car looked after by a team at the track rather than looking after it myself as this will give me the best chance of competing and finding out how competitive I can be.

AquaSPArkle logo

AquaSPArkle logo

Please click HERE if you would like to find out more information about the BRSCC & the Mazda Championship.

You will also see it on Motors TV throughout the season.

Good luck, Paul.  It’s a pleasure to help you.


Jack Laugher – Champion Diver

CPC is a proud sponsor of champion diver Jack Laugher.  In his latest blog post Jack talks about his recent training and comeback from injury.  Amongst his many achievements, Jack has become only the second British diver to ever win an individual World Championships medal.

Jack’s Blog Post:

New Year’s training started off great. The first week back was a struggle after the indulgence of Christmas and NYE, spending time with family and friends. I was straight back to it with full optional dives as I had nationals fast approaching at the end of January.

Nationals this year was to be in Southend. I love Southend pool and have had some great competitions there so I was really looking forward to it. Training was going really good and the most exciting thing was integrating the new big dive into mine and Chris’ synchronised diving list. The new dive was one I have been doing for over a year now, forward two and a half somersaults with three twists. This is the hardest dive that would ever be competed in sycnhro so we were very excited to be making history!

The time came to go down to Southend. We headed down on a Tuesday morning as I had to get some training in before my Friday & Saturday competitions. I would be competing in synchro and individual this time. The first session was going really well until disaster struck. I slipped down the board on one of my hurdle steps, taking all the skin off my foot and ankle. I also scratched all my back and other leg too. I was devastated and in a lot of pain. An injury like that doesn’t sound too bad, but it was extremely deep and the amount of damage I had done was huge. Due to my injuries I was unable to compete and I was distraught.  After this massive set back, I took a small amount of time off to try and get better and start to mentally feel better. I came back with a massive amount of motivation and ambition. I could only do dry land sessions for 3 and a half weeks until the wound had fully healed up and it became safe to dive again. In this time I did so much in the gym and in plyometrics too to try and prepare myself for returning to training.

My return eventually happened and it felt so good to be diving. I had the rush that I hadn’t felt in a while, that burning desire to dive and it felt brilliant. I had a competition coming up in Rio in three weeks’ time that I had to prepare for. This really wasn’t very much time to get ready but it had to be done. This competition was the test event for the Olympics so it was extremely important to dive in it.

We got to Rio and my gosh was it hot. The pool looked fantastic and the weather was just perfect for diving in. I love diving in that pool as we dived there the previous January. I was only competing in the 3 metre synchro event but this time around we were hoping to put our big new dive in the list.  After a few days training and tanning we were ready to compete. Up at the crack of dawn to get on the first bus down to the pool. Chris and I always do this to get our dives done early before the large crowd comes in towards the end of training. Our prelim was at 10am and we were nervous as it was the first competition we had done together since World Championships. The preliminaries were really good as we finished 5th going into the finals. Our first two dives were okay but were a bit wobbly before we settled into our rhythm. The finals were up at 7pm and we were feeling ready.


Jack and Chris

Chris Mears and Jack Laugher (Synchro partners)












Before the finals it poured down with tropical rain like I’d never seen before. Training in this put us in good spirits for what was coming. We kicked the competition off with a good set of required dives. Our next two optionals were exceptionally good, both scoring over 80 points each. Now the exciting time – the big new dive. Chris and I were understandably nervous, but due to me doing it for a year I still felt good. We did it great and it put us in first place!! Onto our last dive; we needed to still do a good dive to medal and we were feeling ecstatic after history making. We took off on great take offs but both dropped out dives over quite badly. We dropped to 4th place and we were gutted. Looking back on it now though we were very happy, we believe it’s a sign that then wasn’t the time to win.  We’re saving that for the summer!