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AquaSPArkle Ezy-Float

Ezy-Float is a solution for many hot tub and pop up pool users who call the CPC technical support team. A disposable prefilled floater that delivers an easy and safe way of treating your water. We have taken 4 x 20g chlorine tablets and packed them in a disposable floater which is individually wrapped so you just peel off and place in the hot tub water.

Perfect for the following:
• Pop up pools
• Inflatable spas
• Holiday dosing
• Rentals

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Disposable floater which includes 4 x 20g chlorine tablets and is individually wrapped so you just peel off and place in the hot tub water.

Blue Horizons Ultimate Phos Granules

Stop your pool turning green and keep it in tip-top condition during this hot weather!

1. Ultra-concentrated formula
2. Fewer algae problems
3. Less cleaning & vacuuming
4. Reduces pool maintenance

This brand-new addition to the Aqua Sachet range provides an easy-to-dose, highly concentrated phosphate remover in granular form. Suitable for use with all filters, the rapid dissolving granules can be applied directly to the pool, no pre-dissolving required.

Supplied in a convenient desktop display unit.

Add ‘Blue Horizons Ultimate Phos Granules’ to your next order or email today for more information on Blue Horizons Ultimate Phos Granules

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Blue Horizons Ultimate Phos Granules – Desktop Display Unit


Blue Horizons Ultimate Phos Granules – Aqua Sachets

AquaSPArkle Spa ScaleAway

Do you struggle with Scale in your hot tub?

Calcium Scale can build-up rapidly on hot surfaces due to hot water temperatures. AquaSPArkle Spa ScaleAway should be used to help prevent scale deposits within the filter, heater, pipework and on hot tub surfaces. Removing the scale from hot tub surfaces, will make the hot tub more comfortable for bathing.

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Do you struggle with foam in your hot tub?

One of the most common reason for foam in hot tub water are detergents and everyday cosmetics on your skin being introduced into the water, soap residue in your swim suit can also be a cause for form in your hot tub. Showering before using the hot tub removes bacteria from your body, and removes lotions, deodorants, dead skin cells, etc…

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AquaSPArkle Complete Spa Starter Kit – Great Spa/Hot Tub Water

If you have recently purchased one of our AquaSPArkle Kits or what like a re-fresher on how to look after your Spa/Hot Tub and keep it inviting to bathe, please view the below help video.

How to Look After Your Spa Water- Aquasparkle Complete Spa Starter Kit

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