Bishta – Hot Tub and Swim Spa Water Hygiene Management Training Course


Hot Tub & Swim Spa Water Hygiene Management Training Course

Complete Pool Controls have been appointed accredited training providers by BISHTA which aims to “Promote Safe Hot Tub Standards” throughout the hot tub and swim spa industry.

The course has been designed to ensure that individuals working in the industry are suitably trained to have the knowledge needed to make certain that hot tubs and swim spas are safely maintained and that suitable advice is provided to end users, both in “domestic” and “business” settings.

The CPC course tutors approved by BISHTA have all been working in the industry for over 20 years and have extensive technical and product knowledge.

Who is the course for?

People who sell hot tubs.

People who look after hot tubs on display.

People who deliver and commission new hot tubs.

People who service hot tubs.

People who maintain hot tubs in “business settings”.

People who own a hot tub company.

If any of the above applies to you then you should be attending.

To register your interest in the above course call: 01242 662700 or email:


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