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Complete Pool Controls goal is to offer all of our partners a complete solution for treating, dosing and testing water.


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Barnsley Hot Tubs

Do you have a problem with phosphates in your pool or struggle with a green pool?

Over the winter, phosphates enter your pool in a number of ways: leaves and decaying matter, dirt, bugs, fertilisers and pesticides along with those brave winter swimmers! Some chemicals that we add to the water can be phosphorous-based and this creates an ideal breeding ground for Algae.

Phosphates in Pool Water Aren’t Harmful

Having low phosphate levels in your pool isn’t harmful to you, but high phosphates are one factor that promotes rapid algae growth.

We would suggest you test for phosphates with our Pool Check Phosphate Test Strips

Use our easy to dose Ultimate Phos Granules Sachets

  • Highly concentrated phosphate remover, in a pre-measured ‘Easy to Dose’ twin sachet

  • Use in conjunction with any algaecide to help keep water clear

  • Removes pool phosphates which are the food for algae

  • Compatible with all algaecide

  • Less cleaning & vacuuming

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