NEW PRODUCT: Kleenpool Ultimate Paddlecare Kit

We all have the spontaneity of paddling in water, both at the seaside but also in the back garden.

Freshly filled paddling pools are generally safe, but given that water is now considered a precious resource, its wasteful to constantly drain down and refill paddling pools, and there’s certainly no need to do this.

By using Ultimate Paddlecare Algaecide Protector for algae control, alongside Ultimate Paddlecare Super Fizz Tablets for bacteria destruction, users have the perfect remedy to re-use water in the knowledge that the water is “safe”. Using these products will give protection of water for at least a week or until such time that contamination is deemed excessive (i.e. too much grass/leaves etc).

In addition to the aforementioned products, each Paddlecare kit also contains 50 dip tests and a full user guide.

The kit includes the following:
3 x Ultimate Paddlecare Algae Protector 50ml Sachets
1 x Ultimate Paddlecare Super Fizz Tablets (20 x 3.2g)
50 x Ultimate Paddlecare 3 Way Test Strips
1 x Instruction Leaflet

For more information & pricing details contact
Customer Services on 01242 662700 or email


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