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Complete Pool Controls goal is to offer all of our partners a complete solution for treating, dosing and testing water.


"Quality products, recognised brands and fully supported with professional marketing"

Barnsley Hot Tubs

Gold Horizons - The Start of a Golden Era


Early March 2014, Gold Horizons Update...

We are very pleased to have taken delivery of the materials required to start packing our new premium range, Gold Horizons.

Dave Green, our Warehouse Supervisor, unloaded the delivery vehicle and the production department is busy getting it ready for packing.  We are just waiting for the new labels to arrive before it's all hands to the pump to get our new range ready to despatch.  


Gold Horizons - arriving
Gold Horizons - new product arriving.


Gold Horizons - The Start of a Golden Era

We are proudly introducing our super premium range; Goldhorizons® and GoldhorizonsSPA®. Set for full product release on March 31st 2014, this is an innovative and attractively packaged range of convenient ‘Solution-Led’ products for pools and hot tubs. The range is ideal for those wishing to save time, explore new and unique treatments or for problem solving. The “gold standard” includes much anticipated ‘Throw & Go’ Water treatments, heat retainers, natural clarifiers and solution resolving chemicals.

Soon you will be able to benefit by saving time, effort and hassle in the treatment of your pool and/or hot tub. Gold Horizons products are made from quality formulas and sourced from leading world manufacturers in both America and Europe.

Please contact the office if you would like help and information.

Gold Horizons - a film about our new products.

Hot Tubs - A Little Piece of History.

In the early 1900s the Jacuzzi brothers emigrated from Italy to California.  They were engineers by trade and set up a company bearing the name Jacuzzi.  One of the brothers, Candido, invented the whirlpool bath in the late 1940s.

Candido’s son, Kenneth, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as a young child and received hydrotherapy treatment in hospital for his chronic pain.  Candido and a team of engineers invented a submersible pump (the J-300) so that Kenneth could have a soothing hydro massage in the bathtub at home.

As a result, in the mid 50s, Jacuzzi developed a small niche in the surgical supplies market for the J-300 pump and it was sold to hospitals and schools.  In the late 1960s Roy Jacuzzi (Candido’s grandson) joined the company and had the idea of marketing the J-300 to the growing leisure and fitness market.  Roy developed an integrated system and patented the first bathtub with a built-in whirlpool system.

The rest, as they say, is history…


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Winterising Tips - Blue Horizons Multifunctional Floating Dispenser

Blue Horizons Multifunctional (pre-filled) Floating Dispensers
Blue Horizons Multifunctional (pre-filled) Floating Dispensers


Outdoor pools that suffer major water dilution over the winter and early spring may benefit from the addition of a Blue Horizons Multifunctional Floating Dispenser, applied to the pool at its lowest setting. This gives a chlorine output to the pool, taking some pressure off your winter algaecide. This is especially beneficial if the winter and spring are mild.

Meet The CPC Team

We have updated our website with some of our photos, click here if you would like to have a look.

Winterise Your Pool - Seasonal Tasks


At the end of the outdoor swimming season there are a few things that you need to do to prepare the pool for the winter to ensure that the pool and pool equipment are protected from damage and that the water stays in reasonable condition. If you are not confident in winterising the pool yourself then we would recommend that you talk to your Blue Horizons supplier, who in most cases will be pleased to do it for you.

If you are confident that you can winterise the pool yourself then below is a brief outline of some of the things that need to be done.

1. Remove the solar cover, clean it, pack it up carefully and store it away somewhere that mice can’t get at it.

2. Lower the water level in the pool so it is approximately 150mm – 200mm below the skimmer mouth opening in the pool.

3. Add a 10mg/l shock dose using Blue Horizons Granular ShockShock ‘n’ Floc Granules or Rapid Shock

4. Check the pH level and raise it to 7.6 – 7.8 if you are using Blue Horizons Ultimate Winter Time or Concentrated Winter Time. This is slightly higher than the normal range and allows for dilution by rainwater (rainwater tends to be acidic) during the closed season.
If you are using AlgiMAX Eliminator or Kleenpool, ensure the pH is adjusted to 7.2 – 7.6.

5. Add Blue Horizons Ultimate Winter TimeConcentrated Winter Time or AlgiMAX Eliminator at the required dose rate, or Kleen Pool.

6. Keep the filtration system running after you have added the above products to ensure they are distributed, to do this you will need to close the valve for the skimmer(s) in the plant room and just draw water via the main drain, otherwise you will suck air into the circulation system.

7. Put bungs into the water outlets at the bottom of the skimmer(s) to stop rainwater going down the pipe.

8. In the plant room open the valve for the skimmer(s) and run the pump for a few seconds only, this will clear the skimmer pipelines of water.

9. Turn the filtration system off.

10. Drain down the pump, filter and heater as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

11. Disconnect the pipe-work from the pump, if the plant room is likely to freeze or get damp during the winter it is good practice to remove the pump to a warm, dry place.

12. Float some items in the pool, old chemical containers are ideal for this but weight them first with some small stones so that they are partially submerged under the water. Doing this will take the pressure off the sides of the pool should ice form on the water’s surface.

13. Put an old, weighted chemical container in the skimmer(s), this will help relieve the pressure off the skimmer sides – because although the skimmer is empty at the time of winterising it will fill with rainwater over time.

14. Fit your winter debris cover to keep leaves and other debris out of the pool during the closed period.

15. Every 4 – 6 weeks add a 5mg/l dose of Blue Horizons Granular Shock, Shock ‘n’ Floc Granules or Rapid Shock and brush pool to help distribute the product as best you can.

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