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Complete Pool Controls goal is to offer all of our partners a complete solution for treating, dosing and testing water.


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Which way do you use the AquaSPArkle Bromine Pod?

Below is our helpful video, which will talk your through using the Bromine Pod with an open-top filter fitted with a stopper device in the centre of the cartridge.

Benefits of HTH Dosing Solutions and Chemicals - Webinar - NEW DATE


Join us on the 12th August for a Webinar between Lee Woods (CPC) & David Parry (HTH),
where we will present the benefits of HTH Dosing Solutions and Chemicals.

Please register for HTH and CPC - Perfect Solution for Perfect Pool Water
on August 12th, 2020 10:00 AM UK Time at:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email
containing information about joining the webinar.

CPC are the sole official distributor for the hth® easiflo® feeder  range in the UK.

Benefits of HTH Dosing Solutions and Chemicals - Webinar

Join us on the 23rd July for a Webinar between Lee Woods (CPC) & David Parry (HTH),
where we will present the benefits of HTH Dosing Solutions and Chemicals.

Please register for HTH and CPC - Perfect Solution for Perfect Pool Water
on Jul 23, 2020 10:00 AM UK Time at:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email
containing information about joining the webinar.

CPC are the sole official distributor for the hth® easiflo® feeder  range in the UK.



The below guidance draws from over 250 years of experience in the wet leisure industry by a team of dedicated experts from Complete Pool Controls Ltd.

Commercial pool and spa facilities have been shut for several months now, in coherence with the government’s Covid-19 guidance and guidelines. A number of leisure operators will hopefully soon be able to announce the reopening of swimming and bathing facilities and with this in mind CPC would like to provide some guidance, support and advice for commercial pool and spa operators on ensuring a safe and smooth trouble free re-opening of their facilities during this period.

Water Treatment/Chemistry

Balance your water – make sure that the following parameters are within the recommended levels as set out by PWTAG and to suit local conditions.

  • pH level
  • Temperature
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Total Dissolved Solids

This is to ensure that the pool water is balanced (reduced potential for scale formation and minimise risk of corrosion) in accordance with the Langelier Saturation index.

Other parameters to check would be cyanuric acid and phosphate levels for outdoor pools.

Disinfection levels should be achieved and maintained in accordance with local guidelines and conditions. Further guidance can be found at https://www.pwtag.org/swimming-pool-technical-operation-after-covid-19-shutdown/

Water Testing Equipment

Now is an ideal time to make sure that your test kit (photometer type) has a current calibration certificate or has been serviced recently.

Click the following link to view our photometer service charges https://www.cpc-chemicals.co.uk/image/catalog/PDFs/2020_Photometer_Service_Charges.pdf

Click the following link to view our special offer on Photometers https://www.cpc-chemicals.co.uk/image/catalog/PDFs/Photometer_Summer_Offer.pdf

Replace scratched, discoloured, cracked plastic test tubes.

Check stock of spare glass tubes.

Check stock and expiry dates or testing reagents, DPD1, phenol red etc and replenish if required.

Finally, we would recommend that a full bacteriological test is carried out on both the pool and/or spa water to ensure that there are no issues with water quality going forward. This service should be carried out by a UKAS accredited company.

Further guidance on this can be found at https://www.pwtag.org/microbiological-sampling-september-2014/

Chemical Stock

Do you have sufficient stock – Ensure that your current stock of chemicals are sufficient and if ordering new supplies it would be an idea to check on supplier delivery lead times through what will be a busy period – CPC customers should expect a 5 to 7 working day lead time.

Has the stock been rotated and in a fit condition for use.

Do you have ALL of the SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for all of your chemical products, and has there been any updates during the lockdown period.

PPE, is your current equipment in a good condition and serviceable condition and fit for purpose including eyewash stations/solutions and face and breathing protection items along with use by dates?

Ensure that chemical storage areas are tidy, clean and ready for the intake of new fresh chemical products.

Chemical Dosing Equipment

All chemical dosing systems should have a thorough check/service prior to the reopening of a facility in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations including:

  • Automated controllers – have the electrodes been calibrated to the local pool and spa conditions?
  • Dosing stations and dosing pumps, including injectors and checking the condition of the dosing tubing lines and chemical day tanks and bunds
  • Non – residual equipment such as UV systems
  • Flocculation pumps and equipment

Guidance from the PWTAG The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) Code of Practice (pwtag.org) on dosing equipment requirements should be observed at all times.

Play equipment/Swimming Aids

All swimming aids and play equipment including arm bands, swimming floats and other associated equipment should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to minimise the risk for potential bacterial growth that may have occurred during the period of non-usage https://www.cpc-chemicals.co.uk/image/catalog/HelpGuides/instant_cleaning_solution.pdf

PWTAG recommends that these items should be disinfected in a solution of at least 10mg/l free chlorine for 20 minutes, then air dried. There is also the option of using a proprietary cleaner such as a chlorine dioxide treatment that is greatly effective for cleaning swim aids and play equipment https://www.pwtag.org/notes-on-the-hygiene-of-pool-play-equipment-january-2015

Recommended products for this purpose


If you would like to discuss the above in further detail, please contact our Commercial Manager using the below options:

Email: lee.woods@cpc-chemicals.co.uk

Tel: 07801 217440

PRODUCT NEWS..... AquaSPArkle NEW Kit Boxes

After evaluating our kit production, we have redesigned the packaging which is now as pictured.

Benefits of this change are as follows:

  • Ideal starter kit for any hot tub and spa owner
  • Fully screen printed branded cardboard outer
  • Easy to follow application icons
  • UN certified packaging
  • Reduced environmental footprint in line with customer
  • Improved shelf footprint
  • Includes AquaSPArkle guide
  • Available for Bromine and Chlorine users

AquaSPArkle – thinking of you, your customers and the environment....

Case Quantity: 4 kits
Pallet Quantity: 108 kits

Jack Laugher - Tokyo 2021 Training from Home

Training for Tokyo 2021 During Coronavirus Lockdown

We recently caught-up with Jack Laugher, to see the effect that the Coronavirus lockdown situation has had on his training schedule.

Jack started explaining the effect that not having a pool to use has had on his training schedule, there are also some videos below to help you train like a Olympic Diving Champion!

Our pool, in Leeds, was closed back in March and we haven’t been able to return since. As a diver, about half of our training is in the water and the other half is on the dry land. We knew that we’d be in for a tough time with not being able to do any actual diving, but there are still
some ways that we’ve found to be able to remain active and also to keep the diving cogs turning.

We have been given a new set of training times which we do over internet conference calls with our various diving coaches. We do 2
sessions each day, apart from the weekends where we rest up for the following week. Our first session of the day is at 9am and our second is at 2pm. They each run for around 1 hour and each session is jam packed with stretching, conditioning, somersaulting and weightlifting.

We have 4 areas which we cover over our sessions with our 4 different coaches. We have our usual diving coach who sets us diving related exercises to keep us ticking over the basics.

Then we have our gymnastics coach who sets us conditioning exercises to keep us strong. We also do handstands, somersaults and various other gymnastic exercises to keep us moving and active, but also for a good bit of enjoyment too!

We then have our strength and conditioning coach who has tried to vary our training between circuit training and a more typical
weightlifting session. The circuit training sessions are my least favourite sessions of the week, but only because they’re extremely difficult! Some of the exercises that he’s set, have had me gasping for air and being feeling extremely worn out afterwards! We are lucky enough that we got to take some weightlifting bars and weight plates home with us so we could do some actual lifting at home too. The variation in sessions keeps it exciting and fresh!

Finally, we have our physiotherapist who prescribes us sessions based on our usual injuries that we have through the diving year. She sets exercises to aim to strengthen the little muscles all around our joints and injury prone areas with a view to make us stronger whilst we’re not doing our usual diving sessions. These ones are really important as staying injury
free is the top priority as a high-level athlete!

So far, the sessions have remained fun and varied. Although training at home is hard to stay motivated, I keep thinking about what competition there are to come. The Olympics has been moved until next year and even though this is the correct decision, I still felt a little saddened at the idea of it not happening this year like originally planned. This extra year gives me more time to get better and to improve on what I already know. To remain at the top of my sport next year would mean the world to me.

Thank you to everyone supporting me on my journey to Tokyo 2021!

Reopening a pool after Covid-19 shutdown (TN45)

Click here to read the full instructions on how to open your pool assuming that you have shut your pool in accordance with one of PWTAG’s two alternative recommended procedures (PWTAG technical note 43).

CPC - Trying our Best Under Difficult Circumstances

To all our valued customers

Trying our best under difficult circumstances

We do not wish to add to the cliché words being used in these extraordinary historic times, but we wanted to share with you some of our current frustrations as we have tried to maintain some level of service.

Complete Pool Controls Ltd has remained ‘open for business’, following governmental guidelines which has led to inevitably reduced hours due to ‘self-distancing’ shift systems, but we have also found that the supply chain has been less reliable than usual at times.

All this has manifested itself with some serious operational issues summarized below.

  • Our furloughing of vulnerable staff and the introduction of a self-distancing shift system have reduced our warehouse hours by between 120 – 160 hours per week.
  • Some of our key packaging and label suppliers were closed for a month, although pleasingly have now returned to work in May.
  • Our suppliers in the Far East have reduced labour and therefore are readily supplying ‘bulk’ material on a 4 week extended lead times and reluctantly supplying packaged materials on a 12 week extended lead time.  This has meant that key products like Dichlor, Trichlor and Bromine Tablets are being packed by the warehouse staff from bulk into smaller containers.

Due to the circumstances listed above, we would like to apologise to all our customers for and delays they may be currently experiencing and that our service levels are not to our expected usual high standard.

I assure you we are working very hard to provide you with the best possible service while maintaining our employees safety and within government guidelines at the present time but sometimes it does feel as though we are ‘chasing our tails’ and we appreciate your PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING in these trying and unprecedented times. (I promise you we are trying very hard).

Customer Information - COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

To all our valued customers

As the Directors of Complete Pool Controls, we wanted to write to keep you up to date on what we are doing at CPC following the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Most importantly, we want to reassure you that the safety and wellbeing of our customers and team members is our number one priority.

As a business, we already have in place stringent controls to prevent the spread of illnesses. This includes monitoring our staff for any signs of illness, as well as a robust cleaning and disinfection regime.

Given the current situation, we have put in additional hygiene measures across the business and are also introducing split shifts to help protect all employees with a key focus on high risk groups:

  • We are reminding all our team members to wash their hands for 20 seconds, frequently and in line with Public Health England (PHE) guidelines.
  • We are encouraging social distancing and splitting breaks across the business.
  • We have split the teams in the business into distinct shifts to minimise contact and help protect our workforce.
  • Field based personnel are working from home and accessible for support (they are still available for any chemical emergency).
  • We are providing our teams with the latest advice from Public Health England (PHE) to ensure everyone who works for CPC understands their role in looking after themselves and our customers - this includes ensuring every individual who works for us understands the symptoms and when to self-isolate.
  • Chemical collections are still possible but access to the factory will be restricted. We ask everyone to book a time slot prior and report to the office on arrival, this is to limit the access to the warehouse.

We will continue to remain in close contact with our team and monitor the PHE guidance so that we can react quickly as the situation evolves to protect our customers and all team members.

As a result of these measures the office will be open from 7am – 6pm. We remain committed to all our customers and aim to provide you with the best service possible but ask for patience during these unprecedented times.

Mark Ramsden
Commercial Director

Andy Page
Technical Director

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Is it still safe to go swimming at this time?

Can the virus be transmitted through the pool water?

PWTAG has consulted with Public Health England who have told us: “We have checked with our national leads who confirm that coronavirus would be inactivated at the levels of chlorine used in swimming pools.”

Public Health opinion is that it is generally safe to go swimming at this time. Water and the chlorine within swimming pools will help to kill the virus. Of concern, though, is the interaction that pool users have with each other beyond the swimming activity. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is evolving and characteristics of the virus are still being determined.

For more information follow this link: https://www.pwtag.org/novel-coronavirus-covid-19-latest-information-2/?fbclid=IwAR3lSII88kr9msiOPqtKtTFvA4a_zEbGaWCP32hzoSUVCN6Ca7K1m4j4GnU

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