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Complete Pool Controls goal is to offer all of our partners a complete solution for treating, dosing and testing water.


"Quality products, recognised brands and fully supported with professional marketing"

Barnsley Hot Tubs

Fantastic Weather Continues - CPC Have Experienced Unprecedented Demands for Products

Dear Valued Customers,

The fantastic weather continues and the team at CPC have experienced unprecedented demands (in terms of orders and product requirement).

Due to these extremely high volumes, coupled with severe output restrictions from key Far Eastern suppliers that have hit most volume distributors across Europe, unfortunately we are experiencing some delays and these may have an impact on our standard delivery times. We have endeavored to minimise this to date (and continue to do so) with overtime, additional staff and improved packing processes.

Our priority is and always will be customer service. We approach any delay in a fair and consistent manner for all customers but would ask you please to bear with us and the order processing team.

We fully understand the frustration and additional days on delivery can create, we are working hard to bridge the gap and catch up. Many customers have increased stock holding over this period which has mitigated much of the delay for them but storage space can be at a premium this time of year.

Please bear in mind that delivery dates can and have been delayed further by last minute order changes / additions as this disrupts the loading / distribution process. Our delivery partners are working hard with us to keep up with demand.

We hope to be back to normal soon and please be assured our priority is you.

If you do have any queries please contact your Sales Manager or contact the team at sales@cpc-chemicals.co.uk.

Many thanks for your continued support and understanding.

Make your hot tub session feel like you’re on the holiday of a lifetime...

We have the sunshine and tropical temperatures, add one of our hot tub fragrances to take you back to a special place and make your hot tub session feel like you’re on the holiday of a lifetime.

RX Crystals/SpaBomb

Coconut Lime Verbena
The smell of tropical beaches and sunny days are captured in this fragrance, it will bring you a little bit of freshness while coconut will take you to the tropics and leave your skin soft and sweet.

Tropical Island
Sweet scents of summer, perfectly balanced to take you to that tropical beach.

Relax with a tropical feeling and long-lasting serenity that this blue ocean perfume of passion will bring.

To see our extensive inSPAration range which includes Crystals, SpaBombs and Liquids visit our website https://www.cpc-chemicals.co.uk/insparation-fragrances



CPC are delighted to make the following product additions to further enhance our AquaSPArkle and Own Label Spa ranges.

AquaSPArkle - Spa Chlorine Granules
Now available in NEW options of 2kg and 5kg

Chlorine Granules

Own Label - Commercial Service Packs
Now available in NEW 5ltr

Commercial Service Packs

We are delighted to improve this range of products with the introduction of our Commercial Service Packs & Swim Spas range of products to further enhance this Own Label range of chemicals.

Spa Cartridge Cleaner
Spa Sparkle
Spa FoamAway
Spa ScaleAway
Spa Hot Tub Flush

AquaSPArkle Spa Clarity Cubes

This new product to our AquaSPArkle range is ideal for restoring water clarity & sparkle to your hot tub and swim spa.

  • Rapid dissolving spa gel cube

  • Clears spa water fast

  • Economical - One month’s treatment per pack, this product has been designed for hot tubs & swim spas and comes with 4 easy doses (double up for a swim spa)

  • Very easy to use and are a more robust alternative to our mighty pods

For heavily contaminated or cloudy tubs, it may be necessary to clean the cartridge(s) after use of the Spa Clarity Cubes to remove collected debris in the cartridge folds.

To order AquaSPArkle Spa Clarity Cubes visit our website: https://goo.gl/x6dyBd

Contact your local AquaSPArkle dealer by clicking the following link https://tinyurl.com/yd32x3cm and give this exciting product a try, you will NOT be disappointed!

AquaSPArkle Clarity Cube is ideal for restoring water clarity & sparkle to your hot tub and swim spa


Extra Kleen - Deep Kleen

We recently ran a product trial using our Extra Kleen – Deep Kleen at one of our Commercial Pools in Oxfordshire, which returned some very encouraging results and excellent feedback. As with most swimming pools its difficult to organise time to clean the pool side and often gets neglected, but as you can see we had some stunning results with little effort!

  • Easy application, easier to use than other cleaning products that have been used in the past

  • Other cleaners had to be brushed/scrubbed but with Deep Kleen we just sprayed on the surface, left for a few minutes then hosed away, leaving the floor surface clean and looking like new!

The Pool Manager gave us his feedback:
"With the busy environment we work in we have found it difficult to clean in large quantities, with the use of the Extra Kleen products we have been able to clean quickly and efficiently, these products has made it a lot easier to clean as we haven’t had to do a lot of manual work for a long period of time."

For more information on our Blue Horizons Extra Kleen range visit our website http://tiny.cc/rs43uy or contact sales@cpc-chemicals.co.uk for more information.

#bluehorizons #poolcleaning #swimmingpoolcleaners #deepkleen #multipurposekleen #scalekleen #showerkleen



AquaSPArkle Ezy-Float

Ezy-Float is a solution for many hot tub and pop up pool users who call the CPC technical support team. A disposable prefilled floater that delivers an easy and safe way of treating your water. We have taken 4 x 20g chlorine tablets and packed them in a disposable floater which is individually wrapped so you just peel off and place in the hot tub water.

Perfect for the following:
• Pop up pools
• Inflatable spas
• Holiday dosing
• Rentals

Contact your local AquaSPArkle dealer by clicking the following link https://tinyurl.com/yd32x3cm and give this exciting product a try….

To order AquaSPArkle Ezy-Float visit our website: https://goo.gl/s7Crxb

Disposable floater which includes 4 x 20g chlorine tablets and is individually wrapped so you just peel off and place in the hot tub water.

Blue Horizons Ultimate Phos Granules

Stop your pool turning green and keep it in tip-top condition during this hot weather!

1. Ultra-concentrated formula
2. Fewer algae problems
3. Less cleaning & vacuuming
4. Reduces pool maintenance

This brand-new addition to the Aqua Sachet range provides an easy-to-dose, highly concentrated phosphate remover in granular form. Suitable for use with all filters, the rapid dissolving granules can be applied directly to the pool, no pre-dissolving required.

Supplied in a convenient desktop display unit.

Add ‘Blue Horizons Ultimate Phos Granules’ to your next order or email sales@cpc-chemicals.co.uk today for more information on Blue Horizons Ultimate Phos Granules

#phosphates #phosphateremover #aquasachet #swimmingpoolchemicals#bluehorizons #poolchemicals #rapiddissolvinggranules

Blue Horizons Ultimate Phos Granules - Desktop Display Unit

Blue Horizons Ultimate Phos Granules - Aqua Sachets

BISHTA Hot Tub and Swim Spa Water Hygiene Management Training Course

Another successful BISHTA Hot Tub and Swim Spa Water Hygiene Management Training Course – this time on behalf of Concept Spas in Anglesey who chose a stunning venue for us all.

Thanks for the candidates for attending and making it another successful course.


AquaSPArkle Spa ScaleAway

Do you struggle with Scale in your hot tub?

Calcium Scale can build-up rapidly on hot surfaces due to hot water temperatures. AquaSPArkle Spa ScaleAway should be used to help prevent scale deposits within the filter, heater, pipework and on hot tub surfaces. Removing the scale from hot tub surfaces, will make the hot tub more comfortable for bathing.

To order AquaSPArkle Spa ScaleAway visit our website: https://goo.gl/KHbxXv

For help in using AquaSPArkle Spa ScaleAway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCCtykz9NYE

Contact your local AquaSPArkle dealer: https://tinyurl.com/yd32x3cm


Do you struggle with foam in your hot tub?

One of the most common reason for foam in hot tub water are detergents and everyday cosmetics on your skin being introduced into the water, soap residue in your swim suit can also be a cause for form in your hot tub. Showering before using the hot tub removes bacteria from your body, and removes lotions, deodorants, dead skin cells, etc…

To order AquaSPArkle FoamAwayhttps://www.cpc-chemicals.co.uk/aquasparkle-c-149/aquasparkle-spa-specialities/spa-foamaway-

For help in using AquaSPArkle FoamAway -  https://youtu.be/rHthKrv_yEU


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